A Royal Wonder

It was, to borrow the popular British expression, absolutely brilliant.

I shot awake at 6AM PST, an hour ahead of my alarm, and I literally only had one thought in my head, the way you only have one thought in your head on Christmas morning, “It’s done!  They are married!” 

I know this should be embarrassing to admit, but I got over that admission about a decade ago.

I turned on my DVR and fast-forwarded through Bah-bra and Diane’s two-hour pre-wedding coverage to get to the point of the day — her dress. 

Needless to say, it did not disappoint.

I always wagered that she would use lace, if only because it matches so perfectly with her style and grace.  And, it must be said, she had grace in spades on her wedding day.

If I were an alien visiting Earth on April 29, 2011 and happened to land my spaceship in London, I would never imagine that this lady in white was joining the royal family; I would assume she was leading it.

And as she joined her prince at the front of the abbey, I was only thinking one thing: it’s a shame he couldn’t keep his hat on for the duration of the ceremony.

One of my favorite things about the service was that those leading it managed to use the word “betwixt” not once, but several times.  How utterly English is that?  For the remainder of this post I shall now use that word in place of “between.” 

Though we all know I could write the entirety of this post about HRH The Duchess of Cambridge alone (just writing her new title makes me happy), I’m afraid that if I start down that road it will prove as endless as some of the hymns sung during the service.  So let’s move on to the attire of the attendees, shall we?

First stop: cannot be avoided, must be mentioned and condemned immediately:  Princess Beatrice.

I don’t care that she’s wearing Valentino.  I don’t care that her hat is Philip Treacy.  It is absolutely abhorrent and she should have been escorted out upon arrival.

On the other end of the fascinator spectrum lies that other British princess, Victoria Beckham.  Now THAT is a perfect topper.

On a sadder princess note, my former favorite mistakenly thought this was an Easter service and got a little carried away with the color peach:

Without question, a real winner of the day was the bride’s sister and bridesmaid, Pippa.  Wasn’t it obvious she was doing all of the work?  And she was doing it in a difficult-to-walk-in, awkward-to-bend-over-in dress.

She had to escort the little royals down the aisle, which could have gone wrong a hundred different ways in front of two billion people.  She had to carry her sister’s train for what seemed like weeks, and looked like she was happy to do so.

Also, did anyone else notice a little flirtation betwixt Harry and Pippa as they walked down the aisle? 

And who could blame him, when he’s used to dating this:

Let’s just say the difference in level of sophistication betwixt the Davys and the Middletons is akin to the difference in hair coverage betwixt William and Harry.

But I digress.

When they arrived at Buckingham Palace and the crowds were given permission to surge toward the front gate, the sight of a sea of humanity filling the entire mall was overwhelming.  It’s no surprise that Catherine was seen saying “Oh wow!” when she stepped onto the balcony.

In true break-the-mold style, the couple kissed two times.  It almost seemed like they were saying “We actually like kissing, because we actually like each other!  This is not just for show!”  Anyway, I bought it.

After all of the fashion analysis fades and the wedding stops making headlines, I think those who watched it will remember it one way: as a happy event.  It was undeniably exciting, and despite the grandeur it managed to feel strangely intimate.  Somehow Will and Kate brought us all along for the ride, and as silly as it sounds, this fan-since-she-was-13 is grateful.

Here’s hoping the love betwixt The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is as strong and long-lasting as the stone pillars of Westminster Abbey.

To read about the wedding from someone who was actually there, check out my friend Maggie’s post.


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12 responses to “A Royal Wonder

  1. Sam

    I NEVER WANTED THIS POST TO END! I cannot lap up enough. Can you make your next post entirely focused on HRH The Duchess of Cambridge? OR could you make an entire blog post focused on the fact that I am POSITIVE that Fergie is actually the mastermind behind Bea’s hat choice…and therefore grabbing her revenge in the Royal families most important moment.


    • abbyreph

      I never wanted the wedding to end! What I would have given for reception coverage!

      • Sam

        I would have DIED for reception coverage! Will and Kate singing youre the one that I want at each other?? Harry telling Kate she married the ugly brother? Brillance.

  2. LOVE IT. YES.

    Catherine is incredible. Love her.

    Beatrice’s hat. Awful.

    Pippa and Harry: all for it.

  3. Catlyn

    Pippa and Harry left the after-party together at 1:30am. Wouldn’t it just be DIVINE if they fell in love and got married? I would almost be more excited for THAT wedding!

  4. Janie O'Connor

    I have been following your blog for nearly 1 year… Ever since you wrote about the Royal Wedding in Sweden, I was excited to read your coverage of Will & Kate. I do have to confess, though, my fandom was even more extreme- I watched live! Still, I appreciate your post, I just can’t get enough. Thanks!

    • abbyreph

      Thanks for reading Janie! I am so impressed you got up early to watch it live!! I should have asked you to live-blog the event! 🙂

  5. colleen reph

    I too watched the entirety at the official hour. The most impressive to me..besides the stunning bride, of course: the lily of the valleys, brilliant green trees and the service. Very worshipful…awesome choir, meaningful hymns (and my dear Abby, sometimes the best stuff is in vs 3 or 4!) The pastoral message (not surprisingly deleted from every “highlights of” recap) was weighty and meaningful as was the personally written prayer of the couple. May God respond to each sincere desire of dependence on His limitless help as they bear the unthinkable weight of their position.

    • abbyreph

      I must agree with you, Colleen — the sermon was incredible. I was blown away by how God-centered the entire service was, actually. And may I add — your last sentence was beautifully written!

  6. Allie

    Thanks Abby!!
    Great coverage- I knew I could count on you!! And you had absolutely beautiful pictures! I don’t think picking up a People Magazine could’ve filled me in any better! 🙂

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