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The First Anniversary Gift of Paper was Never More Appropriate

Words Become One turns one this Saturday, May 15, and I know what you’re thinking:  who cares?

The only reason you should care in the slightest is because many important things are turning one as well:

Seattle’s Quinn’s Pub, named one of the Top 50 new restaurants in the US by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Blakesley Sutter, pseudo-celebrity baby.

My little pink 8GB Zune that I got for $80 at a Microsoft employees sale…back when I was still an employee.

My cousin Amy and her husband Joel’s marriage — happy anniversary shout-out!

And while most of these things are growing and changing, so is WBO.  I am going to switch to a more frequent posting format (goodbye to our Wednesday lunch date, hello to random coffee dates), and I am going to do a redesign of the site as soon as I can find some pro bono HTML/C++ genius to do my dirty work (remember when I told you your computer science degree was lame?   I was totally kidding.  Can I buy you a drink?  Your hair has never looked better!).

I want to give myself a little more freedom, a little more wiggle room in this creative outlet.  I’ve been very strict in meeting my Wednesday deadline — I’ve only missed that deadline once in an entire year, and it was due to a canceled flight.

It’s been fantastic writing so consistently, but I’d love more variety in the length and frequency of posting.  Some shorter.  Some longer.  Some with just an image and a killer caption.  I know — it’s gonna get crazy in here!

The ogre of a risk in this change is failing to post at all.  I read friends’ and strangers’ blogs where posts are sometimes weeks or months between — a travesty in the blogosphere (I swore I would never use such geek-speak, but this is what happens after a year, people).  The fear of becoming one of those people makes me want to dip a quill pen into my own blood and scrawl my signature across a contract of consistency.  Hopefully Mike stops me before I get to that point.

So that is why I am risking being an impotent blogger; it’s worth it to see if I can become a sizzling blogger.  “She posted on a Monday at 2PM!?  Criz-azzy!”

Of course I would never do that.  That would mean I was blogging at work and only pink-slip-happy people blog at work.  Or about work.

Consider this my May Day gift to you: one less thing to do every Wednesday.  Now you can check on any other day ending with “Y” because you never know when a new post might appear.

Hang on to your hats, eager readers!


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How to Run a Race

You never know where life’s lessons might pop up.

Take running a race, for instance.

Start line.  Finish line.  It’s the same everywhere.  But it’s what happens in-between that matters most.

Last weekend we ran our fourth Bloomsday race in Spokane, WA.  Mike’s sister, her husband and three kids live in Cheney, so we have made it an annual event to visit them and run the race together.

This year my father-in-law joined the ranks of the finishers.

He had me and Rachel (you may remember her from our Olympic adventures) as coaches and partners in making it across the finish line.

But just like in life, you do not go from Point A to Point B straightaway.  There are roadblocks.  Oddities.  Humors.

A few of life’s lessons, from Bloomsday 2010:

Rule #1:  Find a team for the journey.

Rule #2:  It’s not the beginning of the race that counts  (a direct quote from my grandfather, Roger Berger).

Rule #3:  Expect to encounter a few looney tunes.

Rule #4:  When all else fails, keep moving.

Rule #5:  If someone with an accordion and a banjo out of the back of a trailer wants to cheer you on, let them.

Rule #6:  Remember that you are only free to run your race because others are standing watch.

Rule #7:  If you’re going to dress as Raggedy Ann and Andy, go all out.

Rule #8:  It’s always acceptable to be inappropriate for a good cause.  Especially boobs.

Rule #9:  Obstacles are inevitable.  Keep going.

Rule #10:  Laugh in the face of adversity.  Or vultures.

Rule #11:  Don’t look down.

Rule #12:  Count all of the mile-markers as victories.

Running a race is a lot like life:  it’s hard, funny, long (if you’re lucky), and totally worth the sweat it takes to get there.

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