The First Anniversary Gift of Paper was Never More Appropriate

Words Become One turns one this Saturday, May 15, and I know what you’re thinking:  who cares?

The only reason you should care in the slightest is because many important things are turning one as well:

Seattle’s Quinn’s Pub, named one of the Top 50 new restaurants in the US by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Blakesley Sutter, pseudo-celebrity baby.

My little pink 8GB Zune that I got for $80 at a Microsoft employees sale…back when I was still an employee.

My cousin Amy and her husband Joel’s marriage — happy anniversary shout-out!

And while most of these things are growing and changing, so is WBO.  I am going to switch to a more frequent posting format (goodbye to our Wednesday lunch date, hello to random coffee dates), and I am going to do a redesign of the site as soon as I can find some pro bono HTML/C++ genius to do my dirty work (remember when I told you your computer science degree was lame?   I was totally kidding.  Can I buy you a drink?  Your hair has never looked better!).

I want to give myself a little more freedom, a little more wiggle room in this creative outlet.  I’ve been very strict in meeting my Wednesday deadline — I’ve only missed that deadline once in an entire year, and it was due to a canceled flight.

It’s been fantastic writing so consistently, but I’d love more variety in the length and frequency of posting.  Some shorter.  Some longer.  Some with just an image and a killer caption.  I know — it’s gonna get crazy in here!

The ogre of a risk in this change is failing to post at all.  I read friends’ and strangers’ blogs where posts are sometimes weeks or months between — a travesty in the blogosphere (I swore I would never use such geek-speak, but this is what happens after a year, people).  The fear of becoming one of those people makes me want to dip a quill pen into my own blood and scrawl my signature across a contract of consistency.  Hopefully Mike stops me before I get to that point.

So that is why I am risking being an impotent blogger; it’s worth it to see if I can become a sizzling blogger.  “She posted on a Monday at 2PM!?  Criz-azzy!”

Of course I would never do that.  That would mean I was blogging at work and only pink-slip-happy people blog at work.  Or about work.

Consider this my May Day gift to you: one less thing to do every Wednesday.  Now you can check on any other day ending with “Y” because you never know when a new post might appear.

Hang on to your hats, eager readers!


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10 responses to “The First Anniversary Gift of Paper was Never More Appropriate

  1. Erik

    Hey! Are you calling me an impotent blogger?!?! 🙂 Kudos in your discipline (obsession?) by the way. Happy anniversary!!

    • abbyreph

      Your impotency is unmatched! 🙂 That’s my way of saying that I want to read more of your blog, by the way. Really. It’s a compliment!

  2. Kelly


    Congratulations on your first year! What a year it has been. I have always looked forward to my Wednesday morning’s with you and will continue to check back frequently…never knowing when your next post will be! You are an amazing writer and I am so proud of you and this blog! Happy 1st!


    • abbyreph

      Thanks Kel!! You are such a loyal friend — and reader — I don’t deserve you. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Amy

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes! I love that we’re going to get extra blogs now! 🙂

  4. Sam

    If you promise never to say “criz-azy” again, we can continue being sisters.

  5. Siri

    This is the best news! I can’t wait to start checking everyday, multiple times per day. And how lucky is WBO that you gave it our azzes as an anniversary gift?

    Happy Anniversary!

    • abbyreph

      I totally should have gotten permission from you on that, but then I remembered your vanity and knew it’d be fine.


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