Happy 5th Birthday, WBO!

My trusty blog is five today, and I’m amazed and proud that it still exists.  True, we’re running at a less-than-ideal monthly posting schedule, but I have two babies who can crawl now, so much like one of my favorite Diane Keaton movies, something’s gotta give.


This blog means more to me now than it did at its inception, because now it’s recording the lives of my children.  I wish with all my heart I’d written more about them already, but I have to give myself grace for not having the time or energy I wish I had.  There needs to be two of me: one caring for the kids, and one documenting them; but since there can’t be, I’m going to err on the side of trying to be a stellar mother rather than a stellar recorder.


So cheers, WBO, and here’s to capturing our lives for the next five, God willing!


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4 responses to “Happy 5th Birthday, WBO!

  1. Mama R

    Thank you for making us smile every time. Can’t believe it’s been 5 yrs!! Love you, Double Mama

  2. Amy

    Those thighs!!! They can’t get here soon enough!!!

  3. They are so cute!!
    Amen to your giving yourself grace. I feel the same way about wanting so badly to write but not at the expense of mothering him!

  4. Congratulations! You’re a fantastic writer and an incredible mother; I’m so proud to be your sister-in-love! Kiss those darlings for me 🙂

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