Glimpses of Significance

October has been chaos.  Not a little chaos; a lot of chaos.  And I haven’t handled it by writing; I’ve handled it by avoiding writing.  I don’t have one long story to tell, because the chaos has crowded out lengthy experiences that are worthy of being retold.  Instead, I’ve mined the month of October for a few glimpses of significant moments; times when I’m sure I am where I am supposed to be.

Bowling with John

It’s the final countdown of our hour-long bowling game, and in three minutes they will shut down our lane.  It’s John’s turn, and he’s slowly walking up to the line.  I hand him his ball and tell him this is his last turn, so he’d better make it count.  He swings the ball by his knee like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, and finally lets go.  It cruises down the hardwood floor and knocks down all but three pins.  The screen above our head flashes a warning sign of sixty seconds.  “I’ll go grab your ball and then you have one last turn,” I tell him.  “We only have a minute!” 

I pass him the ball and he starts swinging again, faster this time.  He releases it down the lane and, to everyone’s delight, he gets a spare.  We cheer and he lights up with the joy of victory.  We’re all gathered around him and he’s clapping furiously, and then it dawns on us:  he gets an extra turn.  I race back to the retrieval and hand him the ball, but I’m too late — the lights have dimmed.  It doesn’t matter, because John is glowing.  “Throw the ball anyway, John,” Mike instructs him.  “You earned it.”


Death Cab for Cutie

“…they would make your name sing, and bend through alleys and bounce off other buildings…” we sang as we danced, all shoulders and elbows, until the purple light turned toward our faces and Lindsay asked, “Is that a spotlight for us!?” and my reply was, naturally, “what else would it be?”  And so we kept dancing.
Family Birthday Lunch for Mom
After a month of coordinating schedules and switching appointments, we all finally gathered at Mom and Dad’s to celebrate our number one gal: my mom (you know, the volunteer of the year).  She’s officially gluten-free now, which presented its challenges, but we dove in head-first.  Everybody brought a dish, we all gathered around the table, and we proclaimed that we were just as satisfied without the pesky wheat products.  Even the cake was rich and chocolately, despite being made with garbonzo beans.  “Who knew we could be so progressive?” we thought.  “We’re so cutting edge.”
As we left, we realized it wasn’t gluten that we missed at all, but each other.  Flocking from our respective homes to one table became a fresh priority, and we renewed our dedication to family gatherings.


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2 responses to “Glimpses of Significance

  1. colleen reph

    And I loved being with you on October 15th, too!! 🙂

    • abbyreph

      Oh Colleen you should have seen me trying to post the picture of us with the crab! I only have it via text from Lindsay, and I can’t download it so I can upload it 😦 Believe me, it was one of the best October moments! Maybe I should just add it without the picture?

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