Happy 2nd Birthday, WBO!

Oh little blog of mine, you’re two today!

I honestly didn’t think I could keep you alive this long, and let’s be honest, I can’t make  any promises about how much longer you’ll survive.  We’re kind of on a month-to-month basis, aren’t we?

But we’re still together!

You’re the one that keeps me writing, the one that keeps me on my toes: “It’s been TWO WEEKS since you’ve posted,” your dateline always tells me.  Sure, I’m not the most frequent of posters, but I’m certainly among the most determined.  I haven’t given up yet, and here we are on our 90th post.

I’ve essentially written 45 essays a year, and I’m not even in college.  What was I thinking?

I love it.  That’s what I was hoping, and that’s what’s happened.  I love to write and I love to share it with people.

So, cheers to my little blog that could!  Here’s hoping we make it to your third birthday, and that I post more than a handful of times before then!


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12 responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday, WBO!

  1. WBO's Biggest Fan

    Happy 2nd Birthday, Words Become One! You are a continual reminder of what a blessed life I have because of the amazing woman I have the honor of loving, day in and day out. Here’s to many more years of WBO!

  2. Warren

    Abby, dont ever stop. We love your musings and stories of life. You make others’ lives better, by sharing yours. Name a better gift than that? wb

  3. Happy 2nd birthday Abby. I love your writing. I hope you’ll continue. And, if you’re up for writing another guest blog for me I would be honored.

    Best regards,
    Arden Clise

    • abbyreph

      Arden, it’s so great to hear from you! I would love to work with you again — thank you! Mike and I are heading to Europe this week, but I’ll email you when I return so we can discuss. Who knows, I may learn a thing or two about etiquette from those stuffy Parisians!

  4. Iris

    Happy Birthday, WBO!! I am so proud of my best friend!

  5. Sam

    Happy Birthday Fabulous Abulous and WBO!!! I cant wait to hear WAY more! Plus, you have to keep it going…remember, you promised me a blog to rival the royal wedding! AND how else will I hear about Europe!?

  6. colleen reph

    Yes, don’t stop!! I love your writing….and I love that you love my son, dear daughter-in-love 🙂

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