C U Soon

I am not proud of this, but I have my DVR set to record only two shows.

Brace yourself.

One is The Real Housewives of New York (gasp!).

The other is Oprah (shudder).

For inexplicable reasons, I’m actually more embarrassed to be associated with Oprah.  The Real Housewives series is the most fantastic reality show on television, and allows me to indulge in my “mid-week uptown apartment/weekend Hampton’s beach house” fantasy.  Of course, the women are despicable and immature, but that only serves to stroke my moral superiority. 

See?  It’s the best show on television!

Oprah on the other hand, makes me feel like a stay-at-home mom who has never heard of real news and has no connection with the outside world other than through this billionaire talk show host.  If I’m ever watching Oprah and Mike comes home from work, I’m instantly inclined to change the channel out of sheer humiliation.  It’s as if he’s just caught me singing into my hairbrush in front of the bathroom mirror.

One could understand my dilemma recently when Oprah started a “No Phone Zone” campaign in an effort to get people to stop texting and driving.  Ask anyone (especially Mike) and they will say that texting and driving is one of my biggest issues.  It’s about the only thing that turns me into a total policing mother around my spouse, friends and family. 

Driving drunk and texting behind the wheel are the exact same thing to me.  Texting might even be worse because your eyes aren’t even on the road.

But now that Oprah has championed the agenda and called it her own, I don’t want to say two words about it.  It makes me feel like one of those sycophantic Oprah worshippers who blindly take on issues just because Ms. O said to.

I just realized that I am insulting Oprah-lovers.  I am sorry.  Just remember the line between love and hate is incredibly thin; look at me DVRing her every day.  Such a hypocrite.

One may wonder why I bother to record her when I have such loathful feelings toward her.  It’s simple: the celebrities.  No one gets the interviews Oprah gets.  Who did Reille Hunter sit down with in her home?  Who does Bono visit when he comes to the States?   Who does Julia Roberts tell the sex of her unborn babies to?

My point exactly.

Luckily, Oprah is not the only one taking up the texting battle.  A far more genius anti-texting advertising campaign in Seattle is run by none other than a funeral home.

This is on the back of metro buses all across the Seattle area and I have one thing to say:  YES.

I love the shamelessness, the offensive nature.

But I also love that it makes its point painfully clear — your life is at stake.  It is not worth it to text and drive.

Whew.  I feel a lot better having said that completely apart from any Oprah influence. 

But I’m still going to watch her show today.


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10 responses to “C U Soon

  1. Alyson

    Do you really sing in your hairbrush?

  2. Siri

    I realize it was only a sub-point, but you are so dead-on with this: “a stay-at-home mom who has never heard of real news and has no connection with the outside world”

    Love it.

  3. Kelly

    I am so blessed to get on today and read away! I love your honesty and I love this advertising campaign.

  4. WBO Biggest Fan

    Is it bad that I just read this on my Droid while driving around town??

  5. Nina

    the key to oprah is what i call, “Selective Viewing.” if i know someone worth watching is gonna be on, it’ll be on while i cook dinner! if its will and jada, who gives a rip? abby, i am surprised however that you wrote this: “a stay-at-home mom who has never heard of real news and has no connection with the outside world…” since i love you, i will only be half-offended. 😉 and i’m curious, is Siri a stay-at-home? it will help me better understand her comment.

    • abbyreph

      I completely agree — I scroll through the DVR and pick out which Oprah episodes are worth my time.

      You are right — I should have qualified my statement, since the type of stay-at-homes I was referring to are the never-left-home-in-the-first-place variety (though now I just offended them). You went to college, you were a businesswoman, you do not qualify for the stereotype.

      And Siri is not stay-at-home, she is like me in her fear that when we do we may be more like the Oprah-philes. Luckily for us, we have you to alleviate those fears. 🙂

  6. Nina

    oh don’t ask ME for help! i’ll just tell you to read people mag in addition to oprah … tee hee!!! 😉

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